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What Are Corporate Gifts and Promotional Items?

Both corporate gifts and promotional items have been rather familiar in the Republic of South Africa for many years so far, however the distinction between the two is not always plainly apprehended, (or at least explained) even by corporate gift suppliers.

Finding Promotional Items in South Africa

Both corporate gifts and promotional items are somewhat conventional in R.S.A for lots of years up to now, but the distinction between the 2 is not often distinctly understood, (or at least differentiated between) even by corporate gift suppliers.

The Uses of a Folder

No business presentation of any kind will be quite complete without a Folder.

What is a Mouse Pad

Walk into any office of any corporate company nowadays and you will most likely see a Mouse pad. As a matter of fact, you will probably see lots of Mouse pads in all shapes and sizes.

Tap Water in a Water Bottle Versus Bottled Water

It is commonly know that we all need to make an effort to drink at least 2 litres of water per day to remain healthy. For those of us that do not work close to a kitchen with a glass and a tap all day, a Water bottle with a cap that can close is the perfect holder to ensure our required water intake.