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The History of Screen Printing

Screen-printing first appeared in a recognizable form in China during the Song Dynasty (9601279 CE). Japan and other Asian countries adopted this method of printing and advanced the craft using it in conjunction with block printing and paints.

All about t shirts - by Karl Hopkins

T shirts were originally worn as undershirts. This still occurs, but t shirts are now also frequently worn as the only piece of clothing on the upper half of the body (other than possibly a bra or an undershirt vest)

T-shirt printing- Evolving over the years - by Clint Jhonson

In 1959, a more stretchable and durable ink, called plastisol was invented, which allowed more styles and variety in T-shirt designs and T-shirt printing. During the 1960s, screen-printing and tie-dyeing on basic Tshirts caught on and became a huge success.