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Why Wall Clocks are Great Promotional Gifts

Although Wall Clocks have been around for as long as most of us can remember, it remains to this day a classic gift that will almost never disappoint.

Why Lanyard Lanyards are Perfect Promotional Items

Although Lanyard, lanyards are regarded by many as key chains, Lanyard, lanyards have applications that reach far beyond those of keychains. A Lanyard, lanyards are strings of rope or cord that are generally used to tie something around one’s wrist or neck.

Which Keyrings are Which?

How to use Keyrings as a Promotional Gift to promote your company.

Is There Still Room for more Promotion Companies?

With the vast amount of Promotional Companies around, is it worth your while to start your own Promotional Company? Tips to take into consideration if you are wondering whether you should start a promotion company.

How to Boost Sales With Promotional Gifts

Every one of us has received a promotional gift at a conference, exhibition, trade show or product launch. If however you belong to the select few who have not, then you are advised to begin collecting these gifts as it is a very nice experience.

Corporate Gifts - A Recession Proof Marketing Strategy

The recession has effected different sectors whether its IT, development, infrastructure or banking. The effects are minor in some areas, while some sectors are facing severe meltdown. Moreover, a slower growth is accompanied by decreased revenue that needs to be invested strategically.