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Tap Water in a Water Bottle Versus Bottled Water

It is commonly know that we all need to make an effort to drink at least 2 litres of water per day to remain healthy. For those of us that do not work close to a kitchen with a glass and a tap all day, a Water bottle with a cap that can close is the perfect holder to ensure our required water intake.

Why Everyone Needs Umbrellas

Umbrellas to brave the weather: In a country where you are constantly exposed to frequent rain showers or extreme sun; you cannot have enough Umbrellas.

Why Plastic Bags are Great Promotional Items

Plastic bags are almost like disposable pouches made of thin films of flexible plastic sheeting, mostly created or built to conveniently hold, store and/or carry articles.

Embroidery or Printing for Corporate Clothing or –Gifts?

You most probably know that you could have your logo Embroidered on clothing items such as golf shirts, tshirts, sweaters; tracksuits and other similar items for commercial reasons. But are you undecided on whether you should rather make use of Embroidery or printing to brand your corporate clothing or promotional gifts?

Men, Women and Gadgets

The only difference is that women like their Gadgets in a pretty design, while men are more interested in what it can do. Here are some of the reasons why BOTH men and women go crazy for Gadgets.

Why Wall Clocks are Great Promotional Gifts

Although Wall Clocks have been around for as long as most of us can remember, it remains to this day a classic gift that will almost never disappoint.

Which Keyrings are Which?

How to use Keyrings as a Promotional Gift to promote your company.

Is There Still Room for more Promotion Companies?

With the vast amount of Promotional Companies around, is it worth your while to start your own Promotional Company? Tips to take into consideration if you are wondering whether you should start a promotion company.

How Promotional Clothing stands in a promotion strategy?

Promotional Clothing helps to catch the attention of the spectators. In the professional life it is most important factor to look attractive and athletic in everyday outings. Of course for this to happen, the Promotional Clothing should be trendy and innovative in style and colors to look professional.

Promotional magnets - Build up your brand identity

Building up a brand identity is necessary for the success of any business venture. After all, buyers generally like to procure things that they know or have heard about.

T-shirt printing- Evolving over the years - by Clint Jhonson

In 1959, a more stretchable and durable ink, called plastisol was invented, which allowed more styles and variety in T-shirt designs and T-shirt printing. During the 1960s, screen-printing and tie-dyeing on basic Tshirts caught on and became a huge success.

Promotional Clothing-demand of the era - by Smiley Wilson

Promotional Clothing is now widely used concept in the clothing market. It has strengthened its feet in each and every sector of industry. It's regarded as best way of popularizing a company.

Collection of Promotional Pens

Promotional pens have been one of the most popular gift items distributed by companies during various events and functions. For years, they have been a key ingredient of the promotional products industry.

Promotional Gifts on a Budget - How to Survive the Current Climate

When many businesses are fighting for survival and wondering what tomorrow will bring, it may be seen as an inappropriate time to be talking about spending marketing budgets and commissioning promotional gifts.